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Dec 23 -- Great day on the water for this group today! @CaptCharlieP


Dec 19 -- 12/9/2019 Ran this group with Capt. Kenny Huff out of Salt Grass lodge.


Dec 14 - Great day on the bay for the Koerenicks from East Bernard.


Dec 13 - Good day for this group, redfish were a nuisance...



Nov 29 -- Good day on the bay for these 14 year olds & their Grandapa. All fish caught on Bass Assassins...

Nov 26 -- Today’s catch with approaching front...

Nov 25 -- Today's catch with the Roland Altinger's party.

Nov 18 -- Good day today, released 2 over 27"....


Nov 16 -- Good day for these two today, limits of reds, flounder & Trout.

Nov 9 -- These boys had never caught a trout or red fish before today!


Nov 6 -- Today’s catch, released some good ones.



Nov 2 -- Good trout bite this morning.


Oct 27 -- Good morning for this family from San Antonio.


Oct 24 - Pre frontal catch today, they had a good time...!

Oct 23 - Good day on the bay today, released a 27 & 28 inch Trout.


Oct 17 - Good day wading on top waters and plastics.


Oct 15 -- Good day on the bay, front on its way.



Oct 6 -- Caught and released fish all morning! Topwaters and Bass Assassins worked the best.


Oct 2 -- Good topwater bite today!


Oct 1 -- Ran this party with Captain Kenny Huff out of Salt Grass Lodge.

Sept 25 -- Another good day today drifting
East Matagorda bay with artificial's.


Sept 24 -- Today's catch drifting East Matagorda Bay.


Sept 16 -- Good morning bites on topwaters dodging weather.

Aug 22-- Another great day with this group wading west Matagorda bay. Most on Bass Assassins but a few on top.

Aug 21 - Great day wading west Matagorda on both Trout Redfish. Caught on both topwaters and Bass Assassins.

Aug 20 - Today's catch wading west Matagorda, fish caught on both topwaters and Bass Assassin.


Aug 12 --- Good morning wading west...!


Aug 8 ---- Today's catch despite SW winds.


Aug 01 - Great topwater bite today in west Matagorda bay.

7/31/2019 Good morning wading west Matagorda despite
west wind and unsettling weather.


7/30/2019.... Today’s catch wading west Matagorda bay. All fish caught on Bass Assassins and topwaters. Southwest winds 10 to 15 mph.


Fishing Report 6/26/2019

Good mess of trout despite high pressure and no tidal movement. All fish caught on plastic.

Fishing Report 6/19/2019

Today's catch wading west Matagorda Bayon on top-waters and Bass Assassins with SW winds at 12mph.



Fishing Report 6/9/2019

Fished this corporate group today, Beck & Masten GMC.
Everyone caught fish and had a good time.


Fishing Report 6/11/2019

Good day in a rough surf.


Fishing Report 6/8/2019

Magma flow corporate group with quick easy limits of trout.


Fishing Report 6/4/2019

Today's catch wading west Matagorda shallow grass beds with eles.


Fishing Report 6/3/2019

Today's catch wading west, 2 to 3 lbs caught on Bass Assassins.

Fishing Report 5/30/2019

Quick easy limits of trout to 26" wading west with "Pink Ghost" Bass Assassins.

Fishing Report 5/25/2019

Took these men from Fort Hood, had a good time catching limits on trout today.



Fishing Report 5/24/2019

Easy limits for everyone despite strong winds.


Fishing Report 5/18/2019

Limits of trout and reds by 9 am, released a 28 and a 29 1/2 trout.


Fishing Report 5/16/2019

Ron Blumrick with his limit of 3 & 4 lb trout that he caught on "Pink Skitterwalkers"





Fishing Report 5/13/2019

Today's catch with east northeast wind at 15 mph. Found them around 10:15 and did not take long to get them.

Fishing Report 5/12/2019

Today's catch, ran this 2 boat party with Capt. Ken Marshall. Wind North 15 to 18 mph.


Fishing Report 4/26/2019

Today's catch wading on topwaters, corkies, mirror lures & plastics.


4/15/2019.... Today’s catch wading west Matagorda despite low tides. All fish caught on Bass Assassins.


Fishing Report 3/29/2019

One trout on topwaters wading, the rest drifting. Mid day bite.


Fishing Report 3/27/2019

Today’s catch despite strong east wind and high pressure, limits of reds saved the day.



Fishing Report 2/17/2019

Good day drifting East Matagorda bay despite not so good conditions.

Fishing Report 2/15/2019

1st wade on today's catch.



Fishing Report 2/6/2019

Today's catch, caught and released at least 60 more.


Feb 4 -- Kept these today to eat and turned the better fish loose.


Feb 2 --- These boys caught lots of fish today wading East Matagorda bay on soft lines and mirrolures. Kept some eaters and turned some good ones loose.

Fishing Report 1/24/2019

Only a few good trout today due to high pressure but wore out the redfish.

Fishing Report 1/22/2019

These customers from "Lovelady" caught limits of trout and released some good ones. Wind south, southeast at 12 to 15 mph. All fish caught on "Bass Assassins".

Fishing Report 1/21/2019

Carlos Lesperance with limits of trout and red fish, all caught today.

Fishing Report 1/18/2019

Today's catch, fish fed all morning with the approaching cold front. All fish caught on Bass Assasins, "pumkin seed" seemed to be the best color.

Fishing Report 1/17/2019

Today's catch, only a couple of reds today and a lot of smaller trout and red fish.

Fishing Report 1/08/2019

Today's catch drifting east Matagorda bay despite dead calm conditions.



Fishing Report 1/07/2019

Caught these eaters drifting east Matagorda bay early then waded and caught and released trout from 24 to 28 inches on "Corkys" & "Bass Assassins". Typical for January fishing under the right conditions.



Fishing Report 1/6/2019

Kept some to eat, turned some loose. Beautiful day on the beach.







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