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Dec 30 -- Edgar Byer and Ron Blumrick on a good
midday bite today before the rain.


Dec 28 -- Great morning in east Matagorda bay, fish fed all morning.


Dec 21 -- Caught this mess of trout and reds despite very high pressure.

Dec 12 -- Leon Blumrick and party with their once a
year meat haul. All fish caught on bass assassins.


Dec 11 -- Great day drifting east matagorda today,
all fish caught on bass assassins.



Dec 7 -- Redfish wore us out today, must have caught 40.


Dec 6 -- Another good day on east Matagorda Bay with Roland Altinger and party...


Dec 4 -- Left the dock at 11, had these by 1, Roland and Pete Altinger



Nov 25 -- Great day for the Muellar family today!



Nov 19 -- Fish fed heavy this morning with high pressure moving on. Had these by 8 am and released many more. All fish caught on Bass Assassins


Nov 18 -- Today's catch. Made a pile despite strong north east wind.


Nov 14 --- Ran this group out of Salt Grass Lodge with Capt. Kenny Hauff. They had a good time!



Oct 8 -- Had to grind on them today!


Sept 30 -- Caught these trout wading today on both topwaters & bass assassins.

Sept 24 -- Good redfish bite again today, tides still up.



Sept 14 -- Good bite today wading East Matagorda bay on Bass Assassins. North east wind at 12 to 15 mph.


Sept 10 -- 1st front of the year had the fish eating both wading and drifting. All fish caught on Bass Assassins.


Aug 28 - Today a quick afternoon trip...


Aug 21 - Redfish bonanza wading west Matagorda
Bay on topwaters and plastics


Aug 20 - Good morning wading west Matagorda
on topwaters and Bass Assassins



Aug 12 -- Great redfish bite wading west Matagorda bay with topwaters & Bass Assassins. High pressure and SW wind.



Aug 5 -- Great morning drifting east Matagorda Bay.

July 21 - Great topwater bite today after bad weather passed this morning, wading west Matagorda bay.



July 15 -- Today's catch drifting West Matagorda bay.


July 11 -- Wind has backed off and fish are eating.
One customer missing from the photo.


July 9 -- Wind backed off a little this morning and the fish ate.

June 17 - Took Collin Davidson and his wife out
today and got them this mess of trout and reds.

June 15 - Good midday bit drifting East Matagorda bay.


June 14 - Easy limits from the surf today like
most boats that were out there.

June 7 - Great bite again today, they started
eating around 9 am...

June 6 -- Good morning drifting
East Matagorda bay, lots of traffic today.


June 5 - Quick limits today drifting East Matagorda Bay.


June 4 -- Good top water bite this morning in West Matagorda Bay, they had a good time. @CaptCharlieP


June 3 -- Got them a mess today, half on top waters early and the rest on Bass Assassins mid day.

May 23 -- Not as good as yesterday but still got a mess despite more wind, more boats & shark problems.


May 22 -- Great morning on trout to 25 inches, few red fish despite strong wind and heavy crowds.


May 5 - Good day wading west Matagorda, all fish caught on topwaters.


April 17 - Good day drifting East Matagorda today and good day wading west yesterday.

April 9 -- Good prefrontal bite again today. Fish have been feeding heavy for 3 days both drifting and wading.


April 8 - Good box today drifting east Matagorda bay,
did the same yesterday also....


March 28 -- Another good bite this morning wading west Matagorda bay on both topwaters and Bass Assassins


March 25 -- Solid topwater bite this morning for
about 1 1/2 hrs this morning.

March 24 -- Good day again today wading west Matagorda bay. Caught fish on floating mirror lures & "Slamming Chicken" Bass Assassins.

March 22 -- Great bite again today, this 8 yr old had a good time.

March 19 - A mess of fish for these spring breakers.
They had a good time...!


March 3 -- Caught some wading and some drifting, may have been as good as a bite as the past 4 days.


March 2 -- Drifting east Matagorda bay on bass assassins.


March 1 -- Great evening wade for this group
throwing "Bass Assassins".... Had trout up to 26".


Feb 29 -- Easy limits of trout and some large gulf trout
for these boys from Austin. Boats everywhere!


Feb 24 -- Kept some good eaters and
released some good one's today.


Feb 18 -- Kept some eaters today & released trout up to 28”. All fish caught on Bass Assassins.


Feb 17 --- Great morning drifting East Matagorda bay with bass assassins. Best color used was "Fire Tiger".


Feb 3 -- Great day today both drifting and wading, released a 28" trout and several 25's.


Jan 31 -- Good bite despite stiff north wind. All fish caught on Bass Assassins.


Jan 23... Great morning bite, wind west at 10 to 12mph and a slow rising barometer.

Jan 16 --- Great day for this group catching trout to 27 inches and 17 big gulf trout. Wind east, north east at 12 to 14mph. All fish caught on Bass Assassins.


Jan 9 --- Not only did the trout and redfish eat today but the gulf trout and large sand trout did too. Wind south east 12 to 14 mph, all fish caught on Bass Assassins.


Jan 5 -- Both redfish and trout wore us out today! @CaptCharlieP


Jan 04 -- Today's catch out of east Matagorda Bay. @CaptCharlieP







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