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Matagorda Bay Fishing Report

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June 19 -- Darrell Donaldson and party with limits of 2 and a half to 4 lb trout wading west Matagorda bay on both topwaters and bass Assassin's.


June 3 -- The Joe fuller party with limits of trout drifting west Matagorda bay, done early.


June 2 --- Easy limits of Trout to 23" and some reds, all fish caught drifting west Matagorda bay.

May 31 -- Easy limits plus released many more on "Bass Assassins", drifting reefs in west Matagorda bay. David Klam and Woody Porter Field in photo, light east northeast wind.

May 25 -- Today's catch drifting grass beds in west Matagorda bay. Wind south at 20+ mph early then down to 10 mph, then back up blowing east at 20 mph by 1 pm.



May 14 -- Took this father and daughter from Austin, drifting west Matagorda bay for easy limits of Trout. They had a good time.

April 26 --- Customers from Austin, Tx, caught these fish wading West Matagorda bay on both "Bass Assassins" & "Mirro Lures". Wind was South SW @ 10-15 mph, bite was between 8-10 AM.


April 22 -- Quick limits of Trout caught wading west Matagorda bay, fish caught on both "top waters" and "Bass Assassin's".


April 7 - Caught these fish wading west with top waters, wind east southeast with very low tides.


April 6 - Caught these trout wading west Matagorda bay, all fish caught on "Top waters". Tides very low and light southeast winds.


March 31 - The Rodger Bailey party with limits of Trout and a few Reds wading west Matagorda bay. All fish caught on bass Assassin's, wind south at 20 mph.


March 21 -- Bob Candido & party with limits of Red Fish, some Trout & 3 Flounder. All fish caught wading West Matagorda Bay under low tides & southwest wind.

March 18 -- Yesterday's catch from West Matagorda bay,
wind south southeast 10 to 15 mph.


March 14 -- Spring breakers with a mess of fish drifting East Matagorda bay.


March 11 -- Ran a 3 boat party with Rob Cummings and Ken Marshall. Caught this mess in the rain and got ran off the bay at 10am.


March 10 -- Took this group from Chicago fishing yesterday and caught this mess of Trout and Reds before the weather ran us in at noon.


Fishing Report: 3/7/2017 --- Today's catch, myself & Mike Leggett in photo. Mike is a sports writer in Austin, went to college together at SHSU, we were pledge brothers (Sigma Chi), they had a good time, caught them drifting today and wading yesterday.


March 6 -- Wading West Matagorda Bay and caught this mess of fish between 12 and 2 pm at the peak of high tide. All fish caught on "Chicken on a chain" Bass Assassin's, wind South East @ 20 mph.


Feb 28 -- David and Diane Klam with today's catch both wading and drifting from east Matagorda Bay. Wind was southeast 10 to 15 mph, all fish caught on "Pumpkin Seed" Bass Assassin's.

Feb 17 -- Made a long wade where I caught them the evening before and nothing. We started drifting and started catching fish. Kept a limit and started releasing, weather ran us off the bay at 11 am.

Feb 12 -- Took Shane, Ron, and Ken, caught limits of good trout to 25" and some Reds on Bass Assassins. Wind light South, all fish caught drifting east Matagorda bay. Fish have been feeding heavy for 2 days.


Feb 11 -- Took this group from Austin and caught limits of Trout and a few Reds, drifting east Matagorda bay.


Feb 9 -- Shane Schleymeyer with a 28 and a half inch Trout, caught and released on "Red Shad" Bass Assassins. Along with a picture of today's catch.

Feb 2, 2017 -- Wading East Matagorda Bay with Flinn Simmons & John Thompson, wind was light and bearable, very low tides. All fish caught on Bass Assassins "Morning Glory".

Jan 2 -- 1st Trip of 2017, messed them up with the David Summer's Party.

Dec 28 --- Mark & Marc Anthony with quick limits of Trout.

Dec 17 -- The Gus Lagos party with a mess of Trout & Reds, pre-frontal haul. All caught on Bass Assassins.

Dec 14 -- Limits of Trout & a few Red Fish, all caught on Bass Assassins.



Nov 22 -- Steve Joest from "Capital Grill" with Ron Bergman & Shane Shleymeyer with a pile of fish. Predicted wind forecast never happened.


Nov 21 -- Daryl Englekee & family had a great day on the water. Finished @ 9AM, all fish caught on Bass Assassins. Light East winds.

Nov 11 --- Houston Astro Pitcher Brady Rodgers, his wife, father & Ron Blumrick with limits of Trout, Red fish, Sand Trout & Gulf Trout.
I think they have enough fish to eat for a while.


Nov 6 - John Gray with today's catch.

Nov 5 - Tod Emerson & Jason Wilson, with a pile of Trout.

Nov 01 -- Shane, Mike & Ron with a pile of Trout, Reds, Sand Trout & Gulf Trout. Southeast winds @ 10 mph, water temp 78 degrees.


Oct. 29 - Dan Murphy & Greg Bartlett from Austin, with limits
of Trout and some Sand Trout.


Oct. 28 - Ed Hardin & party with limits of Trout and middle slot Red's.


Oct. 27 - Ran this Corporate trip out of Sunrise Lodge.


October 24 ---- Limits of upper slot Reds & limits of Trout.


Oct. 19 ---- Ran this multi boat party out of "Sunrise Lodge".

Oct 15 - Ronnie Weil & son with Limits of Trout (many more released),
few Reds & Gulf Trout, drifting East Bay.

Oct 13 - The Van Sturdivant party with limits of Trout & a few Red Fish,
wading East Matagorda Bay.

Oct. 11 - Ran with a 3 Boat Party & caught this mess of fish drifting East Matagorda Bay.

Oct 5 --- Limits of Quality Trout, Large Reds and some Gulf Trout. They had a great day.

Sept 21 - The Moreno family with Limits from "The Surf".

Sept 17 - Ran this 3 boat Bachelor's party fishing trip & got them a mess of Reds and a few Trout. Tried to go back to the Surf but conditions changed. They had a good time.

Sept 16 - Shane, Ron & Mike with a mess of Trout & Reds from West Matagorda Bay & the Surf. Some caught on "Bass Assassins" and some on "Topwaters".

Sept 11 -- The Evan Ehsani party with limits of Trout & Red Fish from a Flat Green Matagorda Surf. Bait of choice "Plum Chartreuse" Bass Assassin's.

Sept 9 -- The John Pate party with a mess Drifting East Matagorda Bay, with a South wind @ 12 to 14 mph.

Aug 19 -- Took these customer's from "Triple C Electric" & caught this mess Drifting East Matagorda Bay.


August 15 --- Caught these Trout and Red Fish with "Topwaters", Wading West Matagorda Bay. 80% chance of rain did NOT happen.

August 9 -- Ran this Group Trip with 3 other Guides & caught this mess of Trout & Reds.


Aug 54 -- Easy Limits of 18 to 20 inch Trout from the Surf, released plenty more. All fish caught on "Bass Assassin's", color did not matter.


July 18 --- The Cody Ecken party with a mess or Trout & Red Fish. Fish fed early & shut down, all fish caught East end of East Matagorda Bay. They had a good time.?


July 13 -- Saturdays catch with customers from "Magna Flo". Wind has been relentless, wind laid a little on Sat and we caught these Trout & Red Fish, Drifting.


July 4 --- Joe Westrith party with Limits drifting East Bay. Wind SW at 12 to 15 mph. Next Day was a blowout 20 to 25 SW winds.

July 1 - The Rodger Bailey party, ran this group with Bink Grimes. Went to "The Surf", they must have caught 25 to 30 Trout a piece on both "Top waters" and "Bass Assassins". We were back at the dock at 9AM.



June 27 - Darrell Donaldson & party with Limits of Trout caught Wading West Matagorda Bay. All fish caught on Topwaters.


June 26 - David Bloome, his son and a friend, with a mess of Fish caught
Drifting East Matagorda Bay.


June 21 - The Jack Glick party with limits of Trout Drifitng West Matagorda Bay.
Calm conditions, finished @ 10AM.

June 17 - Took Todd Kieschnick & party, caught limits of solid Trout & 1 Red Fish, Wading with "Bass Assassins". Wind finally subsiding.


June 15 - Took Merideth Cullen & David Aaronson, caught limits of Trout to 27" under strong SW Winds. All fish caught on "Bass Assassins", wading. Wind SW @ 25 mph.


June 14 - Took fraternity brother Bob Lawson & party, caught limits of Trout to 5lbs & 1 large Flounder. All caught on "Bass Assassin's", this was there first time Wade Fishing.


June 11 -- Took "Magna Flow" customers, ran with
Capt. Ken Marshall & Capt. Stan Sloan.


June 8 -- Took Bill Jennings & John Ryan for quick Limits of Trout & 4 Red Fish.


June 7 -- Ran this afternoon trip out of "Sunrise Lodge",
8 boats Limited out in about 2 hours.

June 7 -- Took this group from "American Alloy Steel", limits of Trout and some Red Fish. Did not take long.


May 29 -- Houston Police Officer Maritza Lopez with Rich Hopcia & Jacob Durbin. Limits of good Trout drifting East Matagorda Bay. First day wind has not blown in a week.


May 26 -- Bob & Charles with limits Wading West Matagorda Bay. All fish caught on "Bass Assassins".


May 25 -- Larry Sharp & son's on a great Wade Fishing trip to West Matagorda Bay. They had a good time, "Bass Assassins" & "Topwaters" worked best.


May 7 --- Klay Allen & son (10 yrs old today) with limits of Trout a Red fish and some Gulf Trout. They caught a lot of fish. Came in @ 10:30 am.



May 5 ---- Shane Shleymeyer party with a mess of Trout.



May 4 --- Stan Cargill party with limits of quality Trout caught under Birds with Bass Assassins. Don't know how many we released, we had fish to 26", light North winds.


March 28 --- Attorney Nathan Mays party with a mess of fish caught
under less than ideal conditions.


March 26 --- Took Chad Chriswell & his son, caught this mess of fish Drifting East Matagorda Bay. They had a good time.


March 19 -- Don Morgan & son with limits of Trout from West Matagorda Bay. Fish Caught wading with both "Topwaters" & "Plastics".


March 17 -- Steven Flores party with a pile of Speckled & Gulf Trout, caught Drifting East Matagorda Bay.


March 16 -- Quality Trout again Wading West Matagorda Bay with "Super Spooks".

March 15 -- The Ron Blumrick party with limits of quality Trout up to six pounds. All fish caught Wading West Matagorda Bay on "Top Water Super Spooks".


March 14 -- Spring Breakers, a few good fish despite West SW winds @ 20 mph.

March 6 --- Bill Martin & family from Ft. Worth with a mess of Speck's & Gulf Trout. All fish caught drifting East Matagorda Bay. Wind East @ 12-15 mph.


March 1 --- Dwayne Sandefer & party with a mess of 2 1/2 to 4LB Trout and 1 Red fish, caught wading East Matagorda Bay. Fish fed until 11am then again at 2pm. South Southwest winds @ 10 to 12 mph, water temp 68.9°. All fish caught on Soft Dines & Chicken on the Chain "Bass Assassins".


Feb 21 --- The Ron Blumrick party with limits of Speckled Trout & Sand Trout drifting with "Bass Assassins", light SE winds.


Feb 20 --- Booked this trip the day before, with limits of Trout both wading & drifting. All fish caught on "Bass Assassins".

Feb 15 --- Kyle Branham & David & Jason Draehn, from Brenham with limits of good Trout a few Red Rish & Flounder. Pre Frontal conditions, west winds, all fish caught wading on "Bass Assassins".

Feb 12 --- The Rodger Bailey party with limits of Trout & Red Fish. All fish caught wading East Matagorda Bay, using "Fire Tiger" Bass Assassins. Lots of fish caught today under Pre Frontal conditions.

Feb 11 --- 18 Trout & 7 Red Fish wading East Matagorda bay. Wind blew SW to 30 mph, very low tides. All fish caught on "Bass Assassins".



Feb 1 -- Took Ron Bergman, Mike Senske & Shane Schlemeyer, caught & released over 70 Trout, we were wading West Matagorda Bay. All fish caught on Bass Assassins, water temp reached 67 degrees.


Jan 30 --- Took the Shane Lykke party, kept limits of 16 to 17" Trout. Next stop released a dozen over 19 to 22" Trout plus a few Red Fish. All fish caught wading with Bass Assassins, "Roach Paddle Tails" were the best bait.


Jan 29 -- Took Larry Stegent, his son & son in law. Caught Limits of 17 to 22" Trout on Bass Assassins. Larry was one of my first guided trips back in 1974, that day we caught over a Hundred 3 to 4 Lb Trout on "Mirro Lures". We had a good time.


Jan 21 --- Took Shane Schlemeyer, Mike Senske, & Ron Bergman. Caught limits of Good Trout & a few Red Fish. Fish ate on pre frontal passage and ate better when the Front hit. Wind West, SW @ 20-25 mph, all fish caught on Bass Assassins.


Jan. 13 -- Randy Drake, James Banks, Jack Wallace & David Banks with limits of Red fish & a few Trout. Light NE winds, all fish caught on Bass Assassins. Trout bite has been off the past few days.

Jan 7 --- Shane Hillmeyer & Ron Bergman with quick limits of Trout & Reds. Released twice that many more, dead calm conditions. Fish have been feeding heavy ALL week, even under unfavorable conditions.




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