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Matagorda Bay Fishing Report

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Oct 12 --- Customers got their trout early wading east Matagorda bay despite strong northeast wind.


Oct 10 --- Easy limits of trout from east Matagorda, all caught on leles, topwaters and Bass Assassins.


Oct 9 --- Capt Charlie Paradoski getting ready to release a good one.

Oct 8 --- Redfish kinda day, tides super high.

Oct 4 -- Quick easy limits of trout wading east Matagorda bay all fish caught on topwaters.


Sept 9 -- Quick easy limits of trout drifting east Matagorda bay, yesterday went west wading and it rained 4 inches on us, today hot and dry, no rain.

Aug 20 -- Took these kids out of Matagorda harbor fishing hook spent camp. They caught a lot of fish and had a good time.

Aug 5 -- Took this 14 yr old last year with his grandpa and we messed um up drifting, this year he said wading with topwaters, he caught them and had lots of blowups.

July 26 ---- Ran this trip out of salt grass lodge, surf was on today.

July 20 -- Ran with this group out of salt grass lodge lots of redfish caught today.


July 18 -- Easy limits wading west Matagorda bay on Bass Assassin's, wind west at 15 mph.



July 16 -- 7/16/2018 Fishing has been on since wind has layed. Today’s catch has been typical. @captcharliep


July 1 -- Had the Rodger Bailey party and caught these trout wading west Matagorda bay. Bite was midday 11-12:30 all fish caught on Bass Assassins.


June 9 -- Ran with a 6 boat party out of Salt Grass lodge, customers caught lots of fish and had a good time. Best bite was from 11 to 1 pm.


June 8 -- Today’s catch from east Matagorda bay, wind finally went southeast. @captcharliep


June 1 -- Ran this trip with capt rob Cummings, tough bite with tides and a lot of wind.


May 17 -- Teamed up with capt Stan Sloan and put customers from American alloy steel on limits of reds and a few trout. Wind southwest 15 to 18 mph, water clarity marginal.


05/07 -- Limits of quality trout to 27 & 1/2, several 26"
and 25" released more. All caught on Corks’s and topwaters.

04/29 --These young men wanted to wade and caught trout to 25 inches.



04/28 -- Today’s catch, gulf has been flat for 4 days.

--- 04/25 ---
Today’s catch from the surf, green to the beach.


04/20 -- David Klam with a 25 inch trout, only caught 11 but decent trout. Wind started howling out of east northeast. Saw some good catches today but with bait.


04/16 -- Easy limits of trout wading west Matagorda bay.
All fish caught on Bass Assassins, tides extremely low.


03/31 -- Today’s catch drifting east Matagorda bay.


03/30 -- Good Friday catch wading west Matagorda bay. Trout 21 to 23 inches and all the reds you wanted to catch.


03/25 -- Today’s catch wading west Matagorda, slower bite the last few days but some trout to 26 inches.


03/22 --- Today’s catch wading west Matagorda bay.

03/18 -- Ran this group of 9 customers with Capt Mike Kubecka, they wore us out.


03/16 -- Easy fast limits of Trout wading west Matagorda bay.


03/14 -- Redfish kinda day, only a few Trout. Wading west Matagorda
bay all fish caught on Bass Assassins.


03/09 -- Today’s catch wading west Matagorda bay.


3/08 --- These spring breakers from Canada with limits of trout to 4lbs, also released many more. Wind East Northeast at 20+ mph. They had a good time.


03/04 -- Robert and Louis Flores with some reds caught
today drifting east Matagorda bay.


02/28 --- Today’s catch wading west Matagorda bay, most caught on topwaters.


02/27 -- Shane Schleymeyer, Mike Dowler and Frank Klam with limits of trout and reds all caught on Bass Assassins, wading west Matagorda bay.

02/24 --- Easy limits of 18 to 20" Trout caught on Bass Assassins.
Wind south at 20 to 25 mph



02/23 -- Shane Schleymeyer with a 24" and 27" trout
caught and released today wading east Matagorda bay .


02/15 -- Today’s catch, Feb 15th bite was from 11 am till 2 pm, last 2 days slower bite.


02/06 -- Shane Schleymeyer and Daryl Englekee with today’s trout and reds caught both wading and drifting, released more. Trout not as big as yesterday’s.


02/05 -- Today’s catch from east Matagorda bay, limits of trout from 22 to 25 inches and only 1 red. All fish caught on fire tiger Bass Assassins, wind east northeast at 15 to 18 mph.

02/01 -- Today’s limits of Trout and Reds, all quality fish, we must have caught and released 20 more each. Fish caught on both "Mirror lures" and "Bass Assassins".


01/31 -- Limits of Trout to 25" and limits of Reds from east Matagorda bay, caught on mirror lures and Bass Assassin's. Along with a 26" Trout caught by Shane Schleymeyer.


01/25 -- The captain and Marvin Kuhn with today’s catch, 32 degrees when we left the dock. Water temp 47 degrees wind east at 15 to 20 mph. All fish caught on Bass Assassins.


01/24 -- Today’s catch from west Matagorda bay, wind east northeast at 12 to 15. Released many more, all fish caught on Bass Assassins.


01/15 --David Klam and Bob Bone from Georgia with limits of trout and a few reds from drifting east Matagorda bay. Fish caught on on bass Assassin's, released more.


01/06 -- Tim & Kirk Templin with limits of reds and some trout.





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